How to Prepare a Resume For a Job in Japan

Younger workers have been hit particularly hard by the recent global economic recession. But, as country after country returns to growth following the end of the recession, more and more career opportunities are emerging for young workers.

Of course, with unemployment still high but falling there will be a large pent up demand for jobs and so jobseekers should still expect to experience fierce competition in the job market for some time yet. This means that jobseekers will need to consider smart job search strategies in addition to brute force job application strategies. One smart job search strategy is to consider working abroad in up and coming destinations as an expatriate.
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Have You Left University Without a Job In Place?

Making the transition from the relatively safe and predictable confines of university into the working world can be a daunting transition. There is a lot of of confusion and uncertainty. Some of you may have secured places on prestigious graduate schemes and others of you may be staring into the abyss. (I certainly was when I left) You might have nothing more than an underwhelming degree certificate, a whole lot of time and a place at the middle to end of the queue for the job centre.

It can be a worrying time entering the current job market in the UK, where employment is falling but still high among young people. But, I think there are many crucial steps you can take to smooth your transition into the real world and get your life on track.
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Is It Really The End of The World If You Fail Your A-Levels?

Exploding EarthIt can really seem like the end of the world if you fail or underperform at your A-Levels, but it isn’t really. You of course have every right to be disapointed, as you worked for a goal but failed to achieve that goal, and you are perfecty entitled to allow some time to grieve for that loss. But, you shouldn’t grieve for too long, e.g. much more than a day, or else the many alternative opportunities that are available will be snapped up by other students who got back on the saddle faster then you.

Yes, there is life after failed A-Levels. For starters, you may have failed to make the grade for your first choice but may have passed with flying colours for your second choice and they will be very pleased to have you. You can still get a great degree.
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What Recruiters Look at During The 5 Minutes They Spend on Your Resume

Research tells us that recruiters initially spend just 6 seconds looking at your resume, deciding if a candidate is a fit. This study by the ladders tells us that they spend 80% of this 6 seconds looking at 6 pieces of information: 1. Name 2.Current title/company 3.Previous title/company 4.Previous position start and end dates 5.Current position start and end dates 6.Education. This is why it is vital that you develop a well structured resume with a clear information hierarchy, which makes use of: bold headings, indents, bullet points and appropriate formatting, so recruiters can quickly navigate to the key information on your resume, and make their initial ‘fit’, rather than ‘no fit’ decision. (Alternately, buy a ready made, recruiter optimized resume template here).
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Top 4 Essential Mobile Apps For Graduate Jobseekers

As graduates coming into one of the toughest job markets for several generations, you’d be foolish to not make use of the applications and technologies on the market which can enhance your job search and interview chances, especially when they can be downloaded on to your smart-phone in an instant. But, you’d also be foolish to be cluttering your machine with endless apps or spending hours and hours searching for and evaluating apps when this time would be better spent using those apps to boost your job search. So, to save you time, I have prepared a list of top 4
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