Do Graduates Really Need to Worry About Pensions?

I know, I know, you are 22 years old, you’ve just come back from your life changing, record breaking year out travelling the world, and now you are the  brightest, hottest young thing to hit the job market, since Mack Zuckerberg. Watch out world!

And you of course will be looking at the title of this article and wondering, I’m 22, not 62, why the hell do I need to worry about retirement planning and pensions? It’s boring and I’ve got plenty of time to save. Perhaps you are right, you probably don’t need to worry about pensions, but
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Why Moonlighting (Taking a second job) Is No Longer a Dirty Word.

Average earnings have been rising at a lower rate than inflation for quite a few years now, with this being particularly noticable in the UK according to this BBC report. This means that the average worker’s purchasing power is falling and graduates and experienced workers may find themselves in the position of having to take a second job if they want to reach their lifestyle goals and aspirations of owning a home or simply making ends meet. Yes, where moonlighting was once a dirty word, it has now become an act of economical necessity for many workers who simply can’t earn enough money to live from the full time job available to them.
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Are You Ready to Climb The Leadership Mountain?

Do You Really Want To Be a Manager?

Most of you will have left university with a large debt and a desire to increase your salary and net worth over the course of your career in order to service and eventually pay off that student debt. That of course means getting a job initially, ideally in a well paying career path, where you can climb the corporate ladder through middle management to senior management ultimately, boosting your salary along the way.
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Is Your Social Media Activity Killing Your Career in 2014?

It seems that job seekers are not listening to the various warnings that have been issued by careers blogs, recruiters and media commentators over the past few years, which is that many employers do social media background checking before short-listing and hiring staff. And if they find negative information about you in your social media profile it will definitely harm your employment prospects with that employer.

Yes, new research from careerbuilder shows a sustained increase in the numbers of employers rejecting applicants due to their social media postings. In their most recent survey they found that 51% of employers who background check candidates on social media say that they have found content which has caused them to reject the candidate.
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Top 3 Differentiators to Make Your Graduate Job Application Shine

With UK employers seeing 46 applications per graduate vacancy in 2013, according to High Fliers Research, and US employers averaging 250 resumes per job according to this report on, graduate job applicants need to differentiate themselves in the market place just so they can get short-listed, let alone find a job.

This means that these days getting a good degree from a good school/university is the bare minimum and simply gives you the right to apply and stand in line with 100 other hopefuls, and doesn’t guarantee entrance. It actually only increases your likelihood of getting an interview by a few, nominal percentage points.
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